Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NYX Round lipstick swatch

I got bored so I decided to do some swatches of my NYX round lipsticks in lots of different lighting.. It's kind of sad because I don't really use them that much. I think I use Herades and Frosted Beige most when I first bought them, I like lipgloss more. Oh! I also have Doll, but I forgot to include it here.. so I'll probably include it in a later post. They're all really nice and pigmented, (maybe a little TOO pigmented if that makes any sense.) However, I don't really like the color of Sun Flower.. it looks too orangey on me so I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.

(click for larger images!)

L-R: Earth Angel, Circe, Sun Flower, Frosted Beige, Rose, Herades

Indoor lighting
bottom to top: Earth Angel, Circe, Sun Flower, Frosted Beige, Rose, Herades
The top two are NYX eye shadow pencils in Mocha (Top) and Lavender.

I actually kind of like the eye shadow pencils, at first I tried using them just as eyeshadows and these creased like no other.. so I just started using them as a base.. it's perfect as a base.

With camera flash

With flash

Indoor lighting

Indoor, direct sunlight.


  1. Ooohh I'm lovin' the swatches , they look sooo pretty ^_^

    BTW, with regards to the teeth braces,I totally agree with you, it really hurts, so true ^_^. I'm glad you're happy with the results. It'll be almost over, don't forget to wear your retainers. Tnx so much for droppin' by girl ^_^

  2. It's great that you've taken pics of the swatches in all sorts of lighting. Such dedication! :) Thanks for this. I haven't got any NYX stuff, so this is useful for me. I'm liking the Earth Angel shade. :)

  3. ooh NYX is my new love hehehe I like their stuff :D yeah it's a pain when you get those ingrown pimples those are def the worst! why do women have to be so hormonal haha!

  4. GREAT colors! I am loving all of them! I am more of a neutral person but I think I could wear these! I am more of a lipgloss girl myself.. but I am itching to try lipstick soon!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  5. i love looking at make up photos. am very jealous.

    have a lovely day!.

  6. nice swatches!like elaine i use lipgloss but am wanting to try some lipstick! Check my blog out!Hope you join!

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