Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Geo Circle Lenses Haul and Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Recently I received my Geo Lens Haul from Mesmerized Eyes (! I was new to the batch system worked but it's pretty easy to figure out. You just order, pay and wait for the batch to fill up to 100 orders. Then the girls at Mesmerized Eyes order straight from the Geo Lens company in Korea. Geo Lens ship all the lenses to them and when they receive it, they package it up and ship it out to everyone who ordered. Shipping from the girls was sooo fast, it was about 2 days after they shipped that I received my package. However, the process in waiting for the batch to fill up and getting the order from Korea took some patience :).

Yay the package!!

All neatly bubble wrapped. Each lens came with a free lens case!

I bought 4 lenses, got one free, and bought a Hello Kitty Lens case holder. It was too cute to pass up. (I erased my prescription from the pic above because I'm too embarrassed to reveal how bad my eyes are... trust me, they are bad... I've only met ONE other person with worst eyesight than me in my lifetime.)

Lenses: (Left to right) Geo Tri Color in Brown, Geo Honey wing, Geo Fresh color in gray, Geo Angel Brown, Geo Fresh color in Brown

I will provide more in depth reviews for each lens in upcoming blog posts.

I made some cookie monster cupcakes for a gathering with old friends a while ago! This is not an original idea, I saw this somewhere online. But basically the eyes are marshmallow halves and chocolate chips. Frosting was semi-homemade with cream cheese, whipped topping and food coloring. The cupcakes were made from store box cake mix I had left over, but the chocolate chip cookies were made from scratch. They came out a bit too sweet for my taste (I blame the cake mix) but they sure looked cute!


  1. those cupcakes look so cute! and yummy too.

    i haven't met anyone with worst eyesight than me either. i'm so blind without contacts or glasses!

  2. Those circle lens can really change one's look. It makes them doll-like, like some Korean stars.

    I wish I can make some cookie monsters myself. I bet everyone at home will be amazed. LOL.

    And thanks for the lovely comment. I don't have a perfect skin though (believe me). They kinda look perfect because of the foundation. :D

  3. Omg that cup cakes are just too cute!!

  4. cookie monster WHOAAA soo cute!!! How much are the geo lenses? I'm thinking of ordering perhaps 2 pairs just to try them out...

  5. How long did it take to recive them after you placed your order?

  6. OMG those cookie monster cupcakes look so cute!!!Thanks for the circle lens pictures, I really wanted to see them in clear light. Hope I see some pics of you wearing em too. Love ya ^_^


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