Friday, July 24, 2009

Nostalgia and Observatory

Not a beauty post at all.. just wanted to share some photos.

I recently went to the Griffith Observatory..

Downtown LA at night.. notice the layer of pollution visible at night.

My failed attempt to capture the moon, city lights, and sunset all in one.

Weight on jupiter!

Downtown LA

It has also been about a year since I studied abroad in Beijing. Yep, I studied Chinese last summer in Beijing, around the time the Olympics were happening. I miss all the people I met and our adventures together. Even though they are back in the states, we are all pretty far apart. Separated by cities and states..

The Great wall

Tian an men
Typical Beijing weather.. hot, humid, muggy

View from my dorm in Beijing.


  1. It's 3 shots in a 6 month period. u should get it! just to prevent hpvs and stuff u know. plus u cant get it after u pass 26. I love ur pictures!

  2. wow! I love the views, I don't care about the pollution. I'm lovin the views. You have a very nice blog. I like the Contact lense reviews. Followed you ^_^

  3. Nice pics sis. I haven't been out of the Philippines yet. I wish to visit those places in the pics....

    By the way sis, thanks for commenting on my site. You might want to try transforming your old dresses with a wide belt. ^_^

  4. nice view i love it!-
    anyways, thank you for the birthday greeting and for following my blog. I followed you back >_<

  5. I can not belive you can see the pollution OH MY GOD.. how horrid to think thats what people are breathing in!>!

    Great pics!!

  6. Wooow! Those are awesome photos! I especially love the first one! Night shots = looove!

    DANCING FOR 26 HOURS?!?! OMG! You are INSANE!! You are now my all-time hero! lol. That sounds so exhausting and yet so much fun! What kind of dancing?

  7. downtown LA at night is very beautiful :)

    Ohh the view from your dorm is nice.. I would love to live in a high place :)

  8. Bejing looks great- I haven't been to Bejing yet but I really want to- I love all the history that happened in that city! I'm sure the shopping is also better than here in Ottawa Canada haha!

    I actually like that picture of the moom that you took- I think it shows off the transition of the different colors in the sky really well!

    Hehe I was a huge fan of alice in wonderland when I was younger too- I love that pink cat that turns into the moon! Someone ruined it for me a few years ago when he said that alice was actually high on mushrooms?!?! I hope that's not true lol!

  9. What great pictures! You're in Beijing?!? Lucky!! I really want to go to China and see Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing!

  10. i thought the same thing about the pollution when i went to the observatory.. LOL

  11. I always kick myself for not making time to get there when we visited LA!
    Wow, sounds like you had quite the summer!

    Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D Awesome pictures you have here!

    Anyways, I have both the Studio and Studio Sculpt concealers and I really love the sculpt better! Its a lot more creamier so it makes it so much more easy to blend! Hope that helps! :D

  13. It's so nice that you've been to Beijing! I've never been there myself but I really hope to visit the city one day. :)


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