Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm already missing home. Not that I miss home home, but I think I miss my college home where I lived with my roommates and was surrounded by people I love. I'm really glad I'm not living by myself because I now realize that I'm a pretty social person. Since my roommate went home for 4 days or so, I don't have anyone to talk to in RL. My cohorts did plan a night meet-up, but they're doing things I'm not really fond of.. like dancing in a club and what not. I'm not really into that type of stuff, (unless it's in another country, then it's a different story :P).

But yeah... Pittsburgh weather sucks. It's so hot and humid. Being from California, I anticipated cold weather, even in the summer because the forecast said thunderstorms... I guess I ignored the temperature because the weather here reminds me of China. It's hot and humid, but gloomy and bright. And rain is random.

Yep. Sorry I haven't been posting anything beauty related and if I sound emo. I'm just homesick and a really poor grad student living off loans :(. I'll get over it.

On a lighter note, I did buy some stuff from Target! ^_^ Well the only health/beauty stuff I bought was Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne wash and Sonia Kashuk's neutralizer concealer stick. I decided to get the stick because I noticed that in Sonia Kashuk's hidden agenda concealer, I only really use the olive color on the bottom left (I know, I know, the stock image sucks and blocks it), and the concealer stick in Neutralizer is exactly that color. And as for the acne wash, I feel like I'm breaking out more here.. must be the humidity or air or something.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick update from the east coast!

Hi everyone! It's been really crazy moving from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh this past week. I still haven't settled into my apartment fully yet, and I still have to figure out some stuff for grad school. Also orientation is going to be all of next week and school starts immediately the week after! X_X

I really hope I have time to blog again soon and to read all your posts and get back to everyone's wonderful comments. Sorry I haven't been good about that, if you were wondering why it seems like I'm MIA, now you know why.

p.s. (I love that there's a Target a 15 min busride away from where I live, hehe)

Monday, August 3, 2009

EOTD and moving out

I told myself I wouldn't buy anything I didn't need because I'm already borrowing loans and tuition for grad school is 18k for one semester. I hung out with some friends today, just loitering around and I saw this Physician's Formula Duo Eye Shadow in Natural Minerals for $3 at Big Lots. I really love neutral shades and most of the ones I have have shimmer to it, so I decided to buy it.

I was also bored one day and decided to use this facemask I bought from China last year. It was okay.. it kinda stinged my face.

Here is the first EOTD of this blog! I was really bored so I used Physician Formula's Shimmer Palette for Hazel Eyes (even though I have brown eyes). The outer color is a nice dark brown and the lid is supposed to be light pink. But the color looks all washed out here.. oh well.

I'm also using Ardell's false lashes in Demi I think. Also, on a sad note, while I was cleaning out the lashes, I was running the water in the sink to rinse them, one of them slipped out of my hand and fell down the drain :(

Life: I'm moving out from the west to the east coast this friday for grad school. I'm excited and scared.. but mostly excited because living at home is no fun since parents can be very controlling most of the time.

It's hard to fit life in 2 standard check-in luggage.