Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long time no blog. mini reviews from random hauls.

One of a few hauls. It's been a while, just wanted to share stuff!

Got all this stuff from Walgreens, Ross, Sephora, and Bath and Body Works.

Mini Reviews:

Bio Oil - Used this a few times. I was kind of scared because it's OIL which usually means clogged pores. But it was fine! and I have combination skin. Haven't used it for a while though, but will continue to. For now, I'm letting my skin breathe, which seems to be working well.

EOS lip balm - I love this little giant ball of lip balm!! I got the honeysuckle one and still haven't lost it. (I tend to misplace lippies a lot and then find them later after buying another one.) The thing I like about this product is that it's cute and durable. Plus, it's so easy to find in my purse. I think that's the number one thing with regular chapsticks. I always have a hard time digging through trying to find them.

I also bought the Mint EOS lip balm. Same everything, though I like minty lip balms better. Overall, great product. I believe it was $5 at Walgreens.

Almay Color Complexion Concealer - I only bought this because it was a BOGO event at Walgreens. I really only used this once and didn't really like it. It's kind of drying, kind of hard to build and blend. Will try using it again someday..

Sephora Pink cleansing pad - Got this at Sephora for about $5 I think. I use it with my face wash when I'm in the shower and it makes me feel more sanitized then using my hands to scrub. So far, love it!

Bath and Body Works - Warm vanilla sugar, Wild Honey Suckle, Rain-kissed leaves, Mint Nectarine. You know, it's lotion. Listed in the order of my favorites.

ELF get the look set - Comes with brown kohl eyeliner, mascara, eyelash curler, and eyeshadow. Was about $4 or less at Ross. I really only got this for the eyelash curler because I broke a previous one. I knew the eyelash curler was awesome, especially for the affordable price. I haven't really used the eye shadow or mascara from this set. I sampled the eye shadow though, and the color is kind of light, but not very pigmented. I like the brown eyeliner though, it's nice and easy to glide on. Though it doesn't really stay on that long.

What's your favorite product right now?