Saturday, May 30, 2009

Studying studying studying

Hi beautiesss, just wanted to do a quick update.

Sadly, I'll be on a hiatus until my last final/graduation (Mid-June). I've been swamped with projects, exams, and presentations so I'll be losing lots of sleep these upcoming two weeks :(. I promise I'll get back on comments and everything when I'm done with school! :)

I'll leave you with this...

..this is how my desk looks like nowadays.. and I'm usually a fairly organized person!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial weekend, NYX Haul

I remembered I ordered stuff from cherry culture during their 50% off NYX sale so I was excited to come home with a package waiting for me. I think I just like ordering stuff online because I like opening packages, :P. Anyway, I didn't order much, just 3 round lipglosses (apricot, mauve, ballerina pink) and 2 eyeshadow cubes (suede, antique gold). Still searching for the perfect golden brown eyeshadow color...


Without Flash

With Flash

On the lips! I felt kinda weird taking these cause they're so zoomed in, you could see my pores and 'stache :P

Swatches on the hand!

During the week, I visited the garden at my school and took some photos. I miss photography.

Me parody-ing studio glamour pic poses.

We saw this weird pot of... what looked like moldy, leaf soup inside a tree trunk? It was pretty interesting...

It took a million attempts to get this picture of the dragon fly. It was on some grass right next to a river and stupid me forget to bring my telephoto lens (super zoom). So I had to bust a national-geographic-photog status. It came out okay, but I really wish I had my other lenses!

So many red-slider turtles, can you find them all? There's probably about twenty altogether (there's some across the stream too!)

I felt so stalkerish taking this pic. I didn't even know she was in the background until after I saw the pic! I swear I was focusing on the lavendery flowers.

I think this was called "Japanese Cherry tree" not sure if it's the same as "Cherry Blossom."

I have two more weeks of classes and I'm done with undergrad! Of course the last few weeks are always packed with work to do.. so back to work for me.. :(

P.S. What are you girls doing this memorial weekend?

Monday, May 18, 2009


My skin's been behaving! Probably because I've been letting my skin breathe. I've also been using Clean and Clear advantage oil-free acne moisturizer (mentioned in a previous post) and I'm almost out. Although I don't use it religiously, its been helping my skin without overdrying it when I have those little breakouts.

The shoes I ordered on came! I was looking for some pointy flats that wouldn't wear out or break so easily like the shoes by Soda, and other brands. I used to have this one:

The picture does no justice. I swear it looks a lot better when worn. It's from Roxy and the style is called Twiggy. Although these shoes HURT LIKE HELL when I was breaking them in, leaving wounds mostly behind my ankles, it was soo comfortable in the end. It was quite sad actually. The first time I wore them was at school. For 8+ hours. By the 3rd hour, I already had immense pain and proceeded to the school's mini mart to buy some super thick expensive Puma socks, because those were the thickest ones, and a pack of Band-aids for "sport injuries." I didn't care that I looked like a grandma/fashion disaster for wearing athletic socks with flats, it was that painful.

After a couple months of wearing them every single day, they just gave out. And since then I've been trying to find a replacement. That's when I went to one fine evening (more like late-night studying for midterms time, excuse to procrastinate) and found that was having a 20% off with free shipping. This was around April, but the catch was the items would not ship until the beginning of May. Thinking I would not find anything, lo and behold, I found this:

Vans - Lesley. I wore it for the first time today, and I have a feeling my left foot is bigger than my right foot? For most of the heels/flats/hurty shoes I wear, the pain is ALWAYS on my left foot. Oh well. It's okay so far, it looks pretty though so its worth the pain!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Help me pick shoes for graduation!

Hello ladies, it's been a while since I had a good blog post. I've just been pretty lazy with uploading pics from my camera. (how do you ladies combat laziness to upload photos?! kudos to you). Anyway, collective haul from Coastal Scents, CVS, and a japanese market.

From CS: kabuki, some eyeshadow pans, angled liner, fan brush, and they gave me a free sample of eyeshadow. I've been using the fan brush almost everyday to apply blush, so far I really like it.

From CVS: I've been on the search for the perfect golden/bronze color, that's why I bought the baked collection in Baked Sands. I have the Physician's formula Shimmer Strips for Hazel Eyes (even though I don't have hazel eyes, I just like to colors :P) and I love the fourth color from the bottom. It's kind of in-between bronze and gold, more like a shimmery brown with gold hints. I've used it all up and have yet to find a dupe. I ordered some NYX shadows from cherry culture so hopefully those will be it.
Also bought Physician's formula powder palette in translucent. I'm almost done with a similar one but the shade is actually my skin color. Eyelashes + Maybelline's Full and Soft, Sky high curves, and some makeup/toiletry kit from japanese market! I actually don't really know what the kit is.. it comes with two 5 gram jars, a tiny funnel, a spatula, and two empty bottles for storing liquids? It looks like it's either for makeup/beauty stuff or contact lenses. Help me out here, what do you think it's for?

Also been using Kirkland's Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes everyday for removing makeup. I went through two packs of these already.

Also got Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock as I mentioned in a previous blog. I really like it, it doesn't leave the greasy feeling. Yes, I know it's 85 spf which is a lot.. I also saw one that was 100+ spf O_O.

For mother's day, I bought mama some orchids to grow from Trader Joe's.

Oh! I tried pressing my lip sticks and NYX pearl loose shadows with Enkore's tutorial. I guess I didn't press the nude color hard enough because it shattered in my bag!

Baked some cupcakes with red velvet and funfetti cake mix and semi-homemade cream cheese frosting. It was pretty easy to make.

One package cream cheese + 1 cup confectioner's sugar + 1 tub of Cool Whip. Whip cream cheese until soft and creamy, then pour in sugar. After mixing well, fold in Cool whip. It has the right balance of sweetness and flavor from the cream cheese without being overpowering or too sweet.

Lastly, THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF MY LIFE!! Okay, I guess it's not THAT important. But still, which heels should I wear for my graduation? Open-toed strappy or pumps? I'm kinda leaning towards the pumps because it looks a lot formal/classy. But I still don't know!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oil-absorbing sheets: Clean and Clear, and Toilet Seat Covers?

I've been using Clean and Clear's Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets lately. The difference between the original and "Morning Burst"? Not much, except for the scent. There's a citrus-y scent that's supposed to make you feel more awake (perhaps to remind you of the childhood days or orange juice in the morning?), but that's the only difference.

Back in high school when oil-absorbing sheets were beginning to be used by almost every girl, my friend told me about a very cheap alternative. Sure, these sheets aren't too pricey (ranging from $1-3?) but honestly when you think about it, it's just paper. So what's the cheaper alternative? Well, if you look at my title, you might be slightly disgusted, but please keep an open mind.

Toilet Seat Covers are pretty much thin tissue paper without all the colors and texture. They are thin and absorbent enough to be effectively used as oil-blotting sheets. You're probably disgusted because when I say "Toilet Seat Covers" you might just think of "Toilet Seat." But really, I use these when I'm out of the expensive Clean and Clear ones. They're sanitary (you allow your butt to touch them, you wouldn't want anything unsanitary there right?).

So when I first found out about this, I was of course skeptical and slightly disgusted like you probably are. But I tried it, and it works. I was excited and told my whole family about it, including my dad. So he bought me 3 full packs of toilet seat covers. I only cut up a few sheets into smaller sized ones so I can bring them along.. and I still have 2.75 packs of toilet seat covers left. He gave them to me 5+ years ago. -_-

Toilet Seat covers. they're cheap, and they work.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neutrogena Dry-Touch

Been lazy with uploading pics from collective haul. Also, busy with school I guess. I bought this recently:So far so good.