Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial weekend, NYX Haul

I remembered I ordered stuff from cherry culture during their 50% off NYX sale so I was excited to come home with a package waiting for me. I think I just like ordering stuff online because I like opening packages, :P. Anyway, I didn't order much, just 3 round lipglosses (apricot, mauve, ballerina pink) and 2 eyeshadow cubes (suede, antique gold). Still searching for the perfect golden brown eyeshadow color...


Without Flash

With Flash

On the lips! I felt kinda weird taking these cause they're so zoomed in, you could see my pores and 'stache :P

Swatches on the hand!

During the week, I visited the garden at my school and took some photos. I miss photography.

Me parody-ing studio glamour pic poses.

We saw this weird pot of... what looked like moldy, leaf soup inside a tree trunk? It was pretty interesting...

It took a million attempts to get this picture of the dragon fly. It was on some grass right next to a river and stupid me forget to bring my telephoto lens (super zoom). So I had to bust a national-geographic-photog status. It came out okay, but I really wish I had my other lenses!

So many red-slider turtles, can you find them all? There's probably about twenty altogether (there's some across the stream too!)

I felt so stalkerish taking this pic. I didn't even know she was in the background until after I saw the pic! I swear I was focusing on the lavendery flowers.

I think this was called "Japanese Cherry tree" not sure if it's the same as "Cherry Blossom."

I have two more weeks of classes and I'm done with undergrad! Of course the last few weeks are always packed with work to do.. so back to work for me.. :(

P.S. What are you girls doing this memorial weekend?


  1. Hi Jenn!
    I love your NYX haul! Yay! ;)

    Both e/s colors are very pretty and versatile. The lipglosses are also very cute. My favorite is Mauve.

    And you look very cute and pretty!

    I'm using SHISEIDO The Skincare products for about 1 year now, and I'm satisfied. Very hydrating and smoothing.

  2. thanks so much for the comment!! i love your banner!

    love the nyx haul, muave and ballerina l/g looks great on you and I really like the eye shadows too!

    Awesome pictures!

  3. hehe thank you for the comment!!! <3 ohh lovely pictures!

    haha you stalker you! lol j/p...I know you were taking pics of the lavender *winkwink* ahaha <3

    You look adorable!!!

    and ohh hauls! I love ordering stuff online because I like to open packages too lol >_< but I hate shipping costs. LOL

    Ohh I'm going camping with the bf and some friends this summer! =D


  4. omg you're in the LA area? I will be down in Socal on June for about a month! =D and I play games too wee! what do you play?

  5. Mauve looks nice on you! Love it!

  6. I got apricot & mauve too! :) Mauve is one of my favorites.

  7. nice pix.. :D the last pic of the japanese cherry blossom is wow.. ballerina pink is very beautiful.. :D

  8. i really like your banner!

    i want to try the nyx lipgloss in mauve!

    cute pics!

  9. The NYX shades are so pretty!! :) Your pictures are too cute :)

  10. Aww thanks for the comment!! Your blog is adorable, I love your photos! And those NYX goodies are just gorgeoussss!!!! I'm following you too :)

  11. hehe thanks, i added you to my page as well =) nice haul & love your shots as well...esp. the the macro shots hehehe =) im not much of a photographer but i love taking pictures =D

  12. yeah this is the same one as the CS palette. I just ordered mine from ebay, that's all :)

  13. Nice nyx haul. All the lipglosses are so pretty.

    Great shots in the garden, especially the cherry tree.

  14. Great haul,.. your photos are astonishing. I love whatever camera you use!!

  15. I like the e/s. And yur lips have such a nice shape. The pink lipgloss looks very pretty.

  16. hey Jenn!

    thanks so much for stopping by my little blog and leaving such a sweet comment! haha xD the contest has such awesome entries..i think it's apparent who the winners will be already. haha xD anyway, i just wanted to say..great choice of glosses for the haul, and those two eye shadows are really pretty! :) I would suggest MAC e/s in Tempting for's a really warm golden brown with light gold shimmer. You can use a lot for a smoky look or blend very lightly for a softer look~it's my go-to brown shadow! i love it! hehe ^_^ anyway, that pic of you in the trees is adorable! not stupid at all!!


    ps. what school do you go to?

  17. Jennnn

    what beautiful photos!!!! post more!! post more!!! i always admire folks who have that eye for photography. im ENVIOUS as HECK!

  18. Nice swatches, I really like the mauve color. Will have to order that next time! :) Thanks!


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