Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oil-absorbing sheets: Clean and Clear, and Toilet Seat Covers?

I've been using Clean and Clear's Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets lately. The difference between the original and "Morning Burst"? Not much, except for the scent. There's a citrus-y scent that's supposed to make you feel more awake (perhaps to remind you of the childhood days or orange juice in the morning?), but that's the only difference.

Back in high school when oil-absorbing sheets were beginning to be used by almost every girl, my friend told me about a very cheap alternative. Sure, these sheets aren't too pricey (ranging from $1-3?) but honestly when you think about it, it's just paper. So what's the cheaper alternative? Well, if you look at my title, you might be slightly disgusted, but please keep an open mind.

Toilet Seat Covers are pretty much thin tissue paper without all the colors and texture. They are thin and absorbent enough to be effectively used as oil-blotting sheets. You're probably disgusted because when I say "Toilet Seat Covers" you might just think of "Toilet Seat." But really, I use these when I'm out of the expensive Clean and Clear ones. They're sanitary (you allow your butt to touch them, you wouldn't want anything unsanitary there right?).

So when I first found out about this, I was of course skeptical and slightly disgusted like you probably are. But I tried it, and it works. I was excited and told my whole family about it, including my dad. So he bought me 3 full packs of toilet seat covers. I only cut up a few sheets into smaller sized ones so I can bring them along.. and I still have 2.75 packs of toilet seat covers left. He gave them to me 5+ years ago. -_-

Toilet Seat covers. they're cheap, and they work.


  1. heh, that was nice of your dad. Cheap toilet paper (which is like tissue paper) also works well for blotting, although the seat covers are probably more sturdy and easy to carry around.

  2. I saw that on Tyra!! the toilet seat cover thing..haha u should see me when Im at a public bathroom, I take a toilet seat cover to my face hahahaha

  3. hahaha thats so awesome that your dad bought them for you! LOL My dad would have called me crazy x_X but wow they sure last a long time 5+ years ago? haha

    lol I'm just going through all your posts and commenting <3


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