Monday, May 18, 2009


My skin's been behaving! Probably because I've been letting my skin breathe. I've also been using Clean and Clear advantage oil-free acne moisturizer (mentioned in a previous post) and I'm almost out. Although I don't use it religiously, its been helping my skin without overdrying it when I have those little breakouts.

The shoes I ordered on came! I was looking for some pointy flats that wouldn't wear out or break so easily like the shoes by Soda, and other brands. I used to have this one:

The picture does no justice. I swear it looks a lot better when worn. It's from Roxy and the style is called Twiggy. Although these shoes HURT LIKE HELL when I was breaking them in, leaving wounds mostly behind my ankles, it was soo comfortable in the end. It was quite sad actually. The first time I wore them was at school. For 8+ hours. By the 3rd hour, I already had immense pain and proceeded to the school's mini mart to buy some super thick expensive Puma socks, because those were the thickest ones, and a pack of Band-aids for "sport injuries." I didn't care that I looked like a grandma/fashion disaster for wearing athletic socks with flats, it was that painful.

After a couple months of wearing them every single day, they just gave out. And since then I've been trying to find a replacement. That's when I went to one fine evening (more like late-night studying for midterms time, excuse to procrastinate) and found that was having a 20% off with free shipping. This was around April, but the catch was the items would not ship until the beginning of May. Thinking I would not find anything, lo and behold, I found this:

Vans - Lesley. I wore it for the first time today, and I have a feeling my left foot is bigger than my right foot? For most of the heels/flats/hurty shoes I wear, the pain is ALWAYS on my left foot. Oh well. It's okay so far, it looks pretty though so its worth the pain!


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  2. hey, stumbbled onto your page...=) cute shoes =D

  3. i loove flats! but i feel you on how hard it is to break them in. i usually put a band-aide on the back of my ankle to avoid the pain, it helps a little, but not enough lol.

    omg you have to teach me how to use a DSLR. if i get the rebel xs it'll be my first dslr and im so intimidated by all the high techiness of it.

  4. The Vans flat is cool. There's a eermm, myth? old wives tale? I don't know what it's called but you have to bite your new shoes before wearing them so they don't "bite" you back. Haha. I used to believe it when I was a little kid.

  5. Cute shoes!! The roxy one is super cute indeed! :D


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