Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stress and Breaking Out

I've been breaking out a bit lately, probably due to stress from school. And waiting for grad schools to reject/accept me!! Sigh.. can't wait to graduate already. Anyway, I'd thought I'd talk about some acne products I've used that work for me as I'm also curious what you gals use.

Clean and Clear Oil Free Acne Moisturizer: I bought this for my teenage brother since he's lazy at taking care of his skin. It has a pleasant fragrance and it really does work if it's used consistently. I feel like it mainly prevents breakouts rather than treat existing ones.

Clinique Spot Healing Gel: I got this as a sample. Everytime I've used this, my pimples start going away the next day! I'm planning to buy the full sized version sometime soon.

Clearasil Daily Face Wash: I used this in high school. It's especially good for oily/acne prone skin and I feel that it really does help clean your face and treat the acne.
Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment: I'm currently using this now. It claims that "100% of people showed clearer skin in just one day." It's a clear gel with a pleasant fragrance. I bought it because it was around $6 and wanted to see if it was similar to the Clinique one, plus its claim is pretty bold. However, I find that it doesn't work as well as the Clinique one, but I guess I saw some difference after a couple of days.

Thorakao Curcuma Cream: Ah.. I haven't really used this consistently.. yet. My aunt got this for me when she went back to Vietnam and apparently it's good for treating scars and acne. I didn't really trust it at first because it's instructions had really poor English and said "Really random, its effect is, do test it, all of you. Please!" So as I was laughing my ass off, I googled this online and came across different forums that had positive reviews of this stuff. So I guess I'll try it...

I'm currently looking for some skin products to help clear clogged pores. I exfoliate and tone but I'm trying to find some sort of cream that will help. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi! :) You should totally change your mac background. hihi! :)

    Ive had break outs due to stress from school & work & its always the worse break out ever! i don't use any acne medication though. I wait for them to go away. I clean my face with clinique products. They are very mild :)

  2. I hate breakouts cause I usually don't get them, so when I do I freak out lol. I'm gonna try the Clinique one that you suggested. Thanks :)

  3. Seeing this makes me want to go wash my face right now!

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  4. Oh, yes the CLINIQUE acne solutions spot healing gel does really work! I had it before.

    Now I'm using a drugstore product for treating my spots. Don't remember the exact name, but it's from Garnier. Does also work, but I think the CLINIQUE one still works better.

    Thanks for commenting on my FOTD! ;)

  5. For me, the Olay Total Effects Blemish/Oily Skin Moisturiser (in the yellow tube) works well in keeping acne at bay, and I have very acne prone and oily skin. I still get the odd hormonal acne, but they don't seem to be as inflamed as they used to be. Fingers crossed though. Another product I think worked well for my skin is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Eliminating Gel. Both products contain salicylic acid

  6. Hi does this work?? I searched for reviews but don't really see much and came across yours. I bought four from some girl and I think I bought too many. Now I'm trying to get rid of 3. Can you comment back or email me @ henley_mac@ ? Thanks!!

  7. i would like to buy the thorakao curcuma creme please tell me where or how

  8. I just recently purchased the Thorakao cream! I've heard some really good benefits of it and I wanted to know what you thought of it and your review of it! It would be really great if you replied back, thanks! (:


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