Saturday, March 7, 2009

CG haul and grad school

Okay so I went to Rite-aid recently and bought some stuff from CoverGirl. CG Lipslicks (in Daring and Demure) and Outlast Smoothwear Eyeliners (Smoke and Indigo)

Daring (The red one), Demure (The pinkish one). Liners top to bottom: Smoke and Indigo



I really like CG's lipslicks in Daring. This is the 3rd one I've bought because I use it so much. It gives a nice red tint without being overwhelming and it's casual enough to wear to school. Plus it's shiny and feels soothing to my lips. It also smells nice too! Kind of like.. some sort of lotion.

Left to right: Smoke, Indigo. I like Smoke because it's not as harsh as black, but it's dark enough to make the eyes pop. I use Indigo mostly for the bottom waterline.

Left to right: Indigo, Smoke. There's also a sharpener at the end, but it don't think I'll use it much.

Random picture of some blossoms at school.

This part is non-beauty related so don't read it if you want :)

In other news.. I AM SO EXCITED/ SHOCKED because I got into my top choice for grad school (Masters program). Seriously, when I applied I knew I had like a 5% chance of getting in because my grades aren't the greatest, none of my recommenders were even professors, and I don't have nearly as much research experience as most people applying to grad school. I guess somehow, I beat the odds.

I am still in shock (I found out yesterday) but nevertheless ecstatic. I was actually considering going to a less prestigious state school because I haven't heard from anywhere else and was seriously expecting all rejections because they're all top tier research schools. After checking forums and finding out that people were already admitted to those schools, I was just waiting for the rejection letter. Here's how it went down...(yes, I feel the need to document this magical moment)...


I check my email the billionth time, expecting nothing because I haven't received anything grad school related for almost a month or so.. the first message I saw was something semi-important about class enrollment so I immediately click that. Then I notice an email with the subject "Admission Decision" and think, "It's about time they sent the rejection." So I click it and the first line says "Congratulations!" and I'm like.. "okay.. WAIT. WHAT?!.. WHAT WHAT WHAT!!?" Then I started freaking out and reread the email to make sure they sent it to the right person, if they spelled my name right, etc. My roommate was in the bathroom and I started screaming. "I GOT INTO CARNEGIE MELLON OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Is this a dream, is this a dream, is this a dream?" I swear my roommate probably thought I was on drugs or something and that I'll probably go to hell because I said "God" so many times. (She's Christian and has a thing about saying the word "God" in vain.)

I guess the bad side to this is that I will be in a lot of debt after I get the degree. Especially since I've already taken out loans for undergrad. The tuition (not including ANY other expenses) for CMU is about 35,000 a year... ouch. Anyway, I'm still trying to convince myself that this isn't a dream. And looking for housing isn't going to be fun..


  1. hi! thanx 4 subscribing =)

    does the CG e/l last long on the waterline?

  2. congrats girl!!! You just reminded me that I STILL have to fill out my apps for grad school. I've been putting them off for half a year now!!

  3. Congratultions on getting into to Grad school! It's such a satisfying feeling knowing you get to go where you want to go:) Now, the hard work! I sort of miss it sometimes.

    Aren't those CGs lipslicks great!?! I used to wear these all the time....should go pick a couple of these soon.

  4. OMG!!! Congrats sweety! I am so impressed! Carnegie Mellon?? You are one talented girl. ;) How exciting though! I just wanted to wish you all of the best...I'm sure you are going to do great. ;) Yay & congrats again!!


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