Friday, March 13, 2009

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

In my Glamour magazine, there was a free sample(s) of Maybelline's Dream Liquid Mousse foundation! I thought it was pretty cool..

With flash!... Without flash!

So I thought I knew what shade I was since I used Maybelline's Pure Makeup in Medium 2: Pure Beige.. but I knew it was a little off because it was a bit too rosy for me.

So I sampled the ones next to it!
L-R: Medium 1: Sandy beige, Medium 2: Pure Beige, Medium 2.5: Natural Beige

The shades are the same in this one, but reversed. (Medium 2.5 on the left)

Conclusion: I think my shade is Medium 2.5: Natural Beige. Even though Medium 2 looks like it works, it's actually too pink for me. Medium 1 and Medium 2.5 looks similar to me though, except Medium 1 is probably lighter.

Have any of you gals tried this? If not, what foundation do you usually use?


  1. Its an amazing foundation but here in the Uk the shades are called different things.. so when i visit the us next month im gonna get so confused! (You have a nicer packaging over there)

    Really good but not full coverage. A bit shiny.. esp if you wear a moisturizer under it!

  2. hi, i'm really tempted to try this foundie.. can you maybe suggest what is the right shade for NW25? what is your shade in mac? thx :)


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