Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick update from the east coast!

Hi everyone! It's been really crazy moving from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh this past week. I still haven't settled into my apartment fully yet, and I still have to figure out some stuff for grad school. Also orientation is going to be all of next week and school starts immediately the week after! X_X

I really hope I have time to blog again soon and to read all your posts and get back to everyone's wonderful comments. Sorry I haven't been good about that, if you were wondering why it seems like I'm MIA, now you know why.

p.s. (I love that there's a Target a 15 min busride away from where I live, hehe)


  1. Good luck in all of your adventures~!

  2. Oh my goodness! Busy and crazy time for you! Hope you settle in soon and all things go smoothly :)

  3. woah! u're in pgh?? hehe.. me and fuz went to school there some time back =)

  4. Omg, having a Target nearby is just awesome! I love that there's one next to my school too :) Well I hope you get settled in alright, and everything goes well for you~!


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