Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm already missing home. Not that I miss home home, but I think I miss my college home where I lived with my roommates and was surrounded by people I love. I'm really glad I'm not living by myself because I now realize that I'm a pretty social person. Since my roommate went home for 4 days or so, I don't have anyone to talk to in RL. My cohorts did plan a night meet-up, but they're doing things I'm not really fond of.. like dancing in a club and what not. I'm not really into that type of stuff, (unless it's in another country, then it's a different story :P).

But yeah... Pittsburgh weather sucks. It's so hot and humid. Being from California, I anticipated cold weather, even in the summer because the forecast said thunderstorms... I guess I ignored the temperature because the weather here reminds me of China. It's hot and humid, but gloomy and bright. And rain is random.

Yep. Sorry I haven't been posting anything beauty related and if I sound emo. I'm just homesick and a really poor grad student living off loans :(. I'll get over it.

On a lighter note, I did buy some stuff from Target! ^_^ Well the only health/beauty stuff I bought was Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne wash and Sonia Kashuk's neutralizer concealer stick. I decided to get the stick because I noticed that in Sonia Kashuk's hidden agenda concealer, I only really use the olive color on the bottom left (I know, I know, the stock image sucks and blocks it), and the concealer stick in Neutralizer is exactly that color. And as for the acne wash, I feel like I'm breaking out more here.. must be the humidity or air or something.


  1. I hope you're feeling much better now.

    Thanks for the comment. ^_^

    Yeah, me too, I'm wondering if they did put real gold in that lipstick.

  2. Cheer up, my dear! When everything settles and when school begins, you'll be too busy to be feeling miserable anymore. Good luck with your studies!! :)

  3. awww...
    hope you are feeling better now,hun

    often times its hard to be homesick

  4. I totally get the student thing, ugh that was rough time for me!! Hopefully everything works out for you!

    ugh over here is hot and humid as well, we're duffering froma heat wave and i got no ac... -_-

    hehe yeah I changed my layout, thanks for noticing!! :D

  5. hey girl! that hidden agenda concealer is great! love it.. as for asian markets - i usually went down to the strip district to pick up groceries. there's a huuuge asian market there which i'm sure you can take the bus down there to stock up =D

  6. if we lived a little closer i'd offer to hang out sometime! you know the weather sucks when it's 1145 and it's still 80 degrees outside o_O this is the worst it's been so far, but i'm hoping fall weather gets here fast!

  7. hope you're feeling much better now.

    oh i love neutrogena. I have very sensitive oily skin, so that's my match

  8. Hi girl, you have an award on my blog, please check it out tnx ^_^

  9. Hi sis, it looks like you're busy with school.

    BTW, I got a tag for you. Check it at:

    Thanks and have a nice day.

  10. How are you doing since your last post babe? Hopefully you've overcome your homesickness. Cheer up :)


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