Monday, July 13, 2009

Geo Lens Review: Fresh Brown, Honey Wing, Geo Tri Color Brown

Note: Everyone's eyes are different and will have a different appearance when these lenses are worn. For reference, I have dark brown eyes.

Be prepared for pictures of my scary eyes! D:

Lenses I will be reviewing are circled in the image above

Geo Fresh Brown FC724
Comfort: 7/10
Enlargement: Good
Color: Subtle

Geo Fresh Brown, camera flash lighting

Comfort: So far, this I would rank the comfort level as almost the same as Honey Wing, but more comfortable than Geo Tri color Brown. This is because I hardly get vision blockage from the colors (as it happens in the Geo Tri Color) since the transparency for the pupil (the part where you see out of) is pretty big.

Enlargement: It still enlarges your iris, and it's a good size. Not too big and scary. And not too noticeable.

Color: When I wear this lens, people hardly notice any difference. Unless they really look into your eyes in super bright lights shined directly at your face. I'm kind of disappointed with the color, because it hardly makes a difference in indoor lighting, but it looks a bit lighter in outdoor lighting.

Geo Fresh Brown, indoor natural lighting


Geo Honey Wing CTS-104
Comfort: 8/10
Enlargement: Good
Color: Light, but still natural

Geo Honey Wing, flash camera lighting

Comfort: I think out of the three lenses I'm reviewing, this one is the best in comfort. It's not as comfortable as my regular lenses, but I can wear these the longest out of the three. I don't get vision blockage from the colors as the transparency for the pupil is pretty large.

Enlargement: It enlarges the iris a good amount, similarly to the Fresh Browns. However, the edge is composed of lines that slant like this /// rather than having a prominent ending point like the Fresh Browns. See pictures for better explanation, lol.

Color: I love love love the color! It's a lot more lighter than Fresh Brown, but it's not super light that it looks unnatural. Indoors when there's no light, its subtle, but still noticeable (in a good way) and in well-lighted areas, my eyes almost look hazel.

Honey wing in case


Geo Tri Color Brown CM-902
Comfort: 6/10
Enlargement: Little to none
Color: Very light

Geo Tri Color Brown with flash

Comfort: This lens has a small transparent area for the pupil. Indoors, a person's pupil is a lot larger than when outside in the sunlight because it controls how much light is let into the retina. Because of the small space available for vision through the lens, I often experience vision blockage because the color of the contacts block part of the pupil, causing me to see a blur of color on the side of my vision. This is kind of annoying, but outdoors I experience this less.

Enlargement: This doesn't really have much or any enlargement for the iris. I find that it's pretty much a similar size to a standard colored contact lens.

Color: Even though this is "brown" the color does not look brown at all! It's more hazel green with yellow tones and a lot lighter than Honey Wing. In any case, when I wear this, people say I look Hawaiian (I usually have tanned skin, especially in the summer) or Hapa (half-asian).

Geo Tri Color Brown without flash, indoor natural light.. I know, it looks kind of scary, like I'm a lizard-woman! But it's just a bad picture, the lenses look nicer than that :P

Geo Tri Color Brown in case


  1. I totally agree about the Geo Tri Color Brown..just tried mine on 2 minutes ago..and it was BLURRYY!!! I'm sad :(

  2. thats a very good comprehensive review on those lenses. Ive heard many good things about the Geo Honey wings! they look great on you :)

  3. Hi Jenn! Those circle lens suit you perfectly. Nope, your eyes aren't scary at all. I don't think circle lens are for me though as I've round eyes. It might make me look like I came from the outer space. XD

  4. ooh those circle lenses look nice, ugh I gotta save gotta save... car is high maintenance to pay lol! Aww your mom gave your bunnies away? :( they are also pretty high maintenance too cuz they chew on furnitures!

  5. I just ordered a pair of Geo Fresh Brown. I wonder if it makes your iris bigger compared to Freshlook Colorblends? I'm puzzled coz Geo is 14.0mm while Freshlook is 14.5mm. I thot Circle Lens are supposed to make your eyes bigger??? Appreciate if someone can help clarify. Thank you :)

  6. Its really nice on you, not scary at all. Thanks that you are doing such a detailed review on color lens, i haven't got chance to own one, probably i add to to another of my wishlist LOL!

  7. @ Anonymous: My guess is that the color in the Freshlook Colorblends does not extend beyond the size of your iris, whereas in Geo Fresh Brown the color of the contacts does. Even though the diameter is bigger, it doesn't necessarily mean the entire contact will be colored. Hope this helps

  8. Thanks Jenn for the clarification. I hope the Geo circle lens will give the bigger eye effect. If it looks almost the same compared to Freshlook Colorblends, then I'll be very disappointed. Can't frickin' wait for the lens to arrive and see for myself.

  9. @Anonymous: I'm guessing that it should have some enlargement because when I compare it to the Geo Tri color brown (which btw has very little enlargement) there is definitely a difference. My bf was like "why are your eyes so big!!" :P Let me know how it turns out!

  10. Hi Jenn! Thanks for following my blog :) Yup, I'm in Hawaii :)

    I am LOVING these Geo lenses! I've gotta go out and get me a few pairs :D

  11. I have the GEO nudy brown and they are blurry on me. What does that mean? Is that normal and needs time to adjust to?

  12. I hope my are not blurry! I usually get freshlook color blends in green.

    I bought the tri-color grey and brown. Hmm... hope I can see out of them! oh no!

  13. Hey! Thanks for the review, it's super nice! I understood everything, and it's great to know how the lenses feel.

    Btw could you write a review on the other lenses too? Esp. angel brown? Thanks!

  14. hey, thanks for the review. i'm trying to do some research before purchasing some geo lenses myself. but currently, i'm very confused by all the options. i know i want a brown - i don't want it to be non-obvious, but at the same time, i don't want to look like i'm from another planet. would it be possible to post a full face shot of you wearing the tri-colour brown? or you could email it to me? thanks!

  15. Thank you for your review, it is helpful as I'm considering buying Tri-Color and now that you said it's blurry... I'm rethinking my decision. Your review is truly comprehensive and useful!

  16. Hey girl~ omg, your post was so helpful...I just blogged about vision blockage with my Angel Browns...Is there a way to fix it? You are still able to wear them outside even with the blockage? or does it go away with different lighting?

  17. I agree with you, I've purchased the Geo Tri Color Green ones and yes they are blurry which is irritable.

  18. very informative..thanks a bunch!!!

  19. thank you very much for your help! :)

  20. is the tri colour brown so blurry that they're irritable? im currently looking for an extremely light brown, which doesnt look too unnatural! hmm think i might stick with honey wing although i think that the tri colour brown is a much nicer colour!

  21. im wearing tri colour brown and i dun think they are irritable at all. in fact i think they are rather comfortable. they do not blur at all except for occasions when you have the protein thingy or "eye shit" in your eye will it slightly blur ur visions. but its nothing serious i can still see perfectly fine. just blink a few times and its going to be back to normal. anyway,
    i was considering buying the fresh brown. does it have enlargements?? whats the diameter??

  22. i just bought tri colour brown..
    and when i wore them, it was like a olive type of green topaz
    i wouldnt say it looks bad, just that they dont look like what you expect...
    its m firt time wearing contacts and im pretty happy with the results to be honest :)
    although i peronally think the geo honey wing i much better..
    wth the tri colour im expriencing slight blurryness, like its slightly uncmfortable, although that may just be that i only just bought them..
    i bought mine in australia for $55
    it did not come with the geo sticker.. buti was quite desperate to get them..
    overalll im quite happy with thmem :D
    and i plan to buy the geo honey wing soon after my next pay :)
    if you have any questions or want to see how they look on dark asain eyes or overall
    just email me at
    btw, and i hope i helped you guys :)
    im karen :)

  23. I've just tried on my new Geo tri color grey and am experiencing some vision blockage. how annoying!


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