Friday, July 3, 2009

Another haul: Eyeko

Okay, I swear this will be the last "haul" for a while. Since I will be going to grad school (with no funding) and I already have loans from undergrad.. I'm going to have to cut back a lot. It sucks because I was so used to paying for my personal expenses in undergrad since I had a job. Now that I will be unemployed (apparently working and being in the grad school program I'm in will be a big no-no because of how intense it would be), my sources for finances will be mainly loans and extra help from the parental units.

I bought both Eyeko Eye creams: Tinted and original. I waited till there was a sale (I think it was 20%) Original price for each is $8 USD. I entered an ambassador code and got some free gifts! Some face wipes and Beauty Rehab spearmint lip balm. If you plan to purchase something from, just google for ambassador codes for a free gift!

Swatches of Eyeko's Tinted Eye cream and original eye cream.

All blended in! The brown looks really scary and dark in the tub, but it all blends nicely afterwards.
Ingredient listings.

So I've been using the Eye creams for about 2-3 weeks. I use the original one and mix it with my moisturizer (Clinique dramatically different moisturizer). It gives the skin a nice healthy glow. I haven't used the tinted one too much, but I'm starting to now... I use it near the temples of my cheeks to kind of even out my face. (My forehead is naturally darker than the rest of my face *sadface) But so far I love the regular one! Although the texture gets kind of weird and filmy when I apply it after my sunblock (Neutrogena Dry touch).


  1. I've heard of Gladstones before, how was it??

  2. Hi Jenn!
    Thanks a lot for entering my contest, and of course for your support! You are one of my very early followers to my blog, I remember... <3

    Good luck! ;)

  3. Wow! Eyeko cosmetics are cute.

    Thanks by the way Jen for dropping by my site. I'm starting to like NYX. I just hope we have it here in the Philippines.

  4. hi jenn.. eyeko tinted eye creams looks nice and the tub is big.. :D

  5. Thanks for posting about these...I forgot that these were out there until you mentioned it in your comment. I may check out the bronzer:)

    Good luck with your search in Pittsburgh. Wish I could help with apt. locations but I did my grad work in Philly...let me know if you ever move there, I may be of some help then:) Have a great rest of the week!

  6. @donnarence: yeah, the tub is HUGE!! it'll last forever because a little of the stuff goes a long way!


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