Monday, February 9, 2009

Lash Blast, Everyday minerals, Hello Kitty, and Clinique

Okay, so I finally gave in and bought Lash Blast.  Yep, I know I'm super late in trying it out, but I really didn't feel like spending money on mascara since I still have several Clinique sample ones left.  I was waiting for the drug stores to have those buy one get one deals again to get it.  Anyway, I went to Target this weekend to get some random stuff and I saw CG's Lash Blast in a dual pack for $10.  2 for $10!  Since I just threw away my mom's mascara (I think she's had it for years and her being Asian didn't want to throw it away even though the brush was deformed and gross), I bought it and gave her the other one.

The left side looks bigger.  But really, I just took the picture sideways and rotated it.

 I also bought these cute Hello Kitty band-aids just cuz.

The instructions are pretty cute.  I know you have to tilt your head to see it, but the first line is the only real cute part and it says "Ouch - you've hurt yourself! BAND-AID brand can help."

I ordered another sample kit from Everyday Minerals!  I ordered one sometime last year and never really got to ordering another set.  I didn't really find a color that suited my skin the last time because the ones I ordered were either too light or too pink.  The closest one was Golden Medium and it would've been perfect if it was just a tad darker.  The weird thing is my forehead tends to be darker than the rest of my face so Golden Medium sorta suits the rest of my face while making my forehead look a lot lighter.  :(  

This time I ordered: Olive Medium, Olive Neutral, Warm-Buttered Tan, Sunday Brunch (Blush), and Intensive Tan Concealer.

Top row: Neutral, Golden Medium (old), Nick Nack (old), Intensive Tan Concealer
Bottom row: Olive Medium, Buttered Tan, Sunday Brunch, Mint Concealer (old)

Left: Nick Nack, Right: Sunday Brunch

It seems like Warm-Buttered Tan and Golden Medium might be the winners.  I also really like the Sunday Brunch Blush because it's so pigmented.  I got Nick Nack in the last sample kit and although it's a nice pink color, it doesn't show up too much on my face unless I put a lot on.  It looks chalky on my skin.  I think the color suits lighter skin gals better.

On another note, I'm debating whether I should buy stuff from Clinique because they have the Bonus time deal at the one in my school.  It ends this week!

Description: "Bonus includes High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15, All About Eyes, blush & eye shadow Colour Palette, 3-piece Brush Set, 7-day Scrub Cream Rinse-off Formula, and High Impact Mascara—all in an exclusive cosmetic bag."

The only reason why I want to buy something is because I might run out of their face moisturizer before they have another Bonus Time and the next "gift" might have more things I don't really want.  But I already spent some money on the haul and told myself I wouldn't buy anymore makeup for a month.  Ahh.. what should I do?  


  1. thank you so much! i'm doing much better today. my best friend got discharged yesterday so she's home now and also doing much better. thanks for the support :) i really appreciate it.

  2. nick nack blush looks amazing, i want!!

  3. I hate wearing bandages, but the HK ones are pretty cute haha. Bandages with designs on them are so expensive. I like the My Little Pony ones haha.


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