Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines!.. or SAD! (Single's Awareness Day)

Whether you're single or in a relationship, you probably love or hate today. I didn't do anything super special. The bf and I just went and ate Japanese ramen for lunch and made things we don't usually make for dinner. He made some salmon and I baked cupcakes. (Pictures at the end.) Also, I had a chance to wear some false lashes (Ardell's demi black) and get fancy with eye make up. I just used Valentine's day as an excuse because usually I'm too busy with school and work.. blah.

Hello Kitty nail stickers my sweet roommate bought me!

The stickers were huge so I decided to put the biggest one on my big toe and paint the rest a similar pink color.  The Keratin Base Coat is from my mom's nail kit when she went to beauty school to get a manicurist license.  The NYC star glitter is from my roommate and the tiny pink nail polish is from Bath and Body Works.

I feel kinda weird showing my toes on the internet...

My tinted moisturizer= Everyday minerals + Olay moisturizer!

All gone!  It has really light coverage, but that's okay cause I kind of feel weird when there's too much coverage on my face.
I did this gold/bronze/brown look before I went out.  The camera really washed out the colors.. it was a lot more vibrant.  It just looks really neutral on camera.

Stopped by CVS and bought some Maybelline stuff (BOGO free)!  I actually don't have a foundation (can you believe it?) because my face used to get real oily and I would just use powder.

The man preparing salmon!

Closeup after it was baked... it was really good.

Some carrot cupcakes and frosting I made from scratch.

It came out quite tasty.


  1. ur eyes are so pretty
    and those cupcakes look yum yum :)
    happy belated vday!

  2. Hi!
    Thank you for following me! ;)
    These Hello Kitty nail stickers are so cute! Love everything by HK!


  3. girl mail me some of them cupcakes! and your eyes look lovely!

  4. those cupcakes look amazing! I have a serious craving for carrot cake recently and i dont know why :)

  5.'re making me hungry!

    I LOVE cupcakes! and salmon too!!!

    And how adorable that you and your bf made something together!!! Do you live with him?

    My bf can't cook x_X haaha he asked me one time how to cook rice!!! OMG! lol the only thing we've made together was mac and cheese...but really I made it haha...and he HELPED me once with cookies but...he was still lazy for that too! stupid bf. haha <3


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