Saturday, February 7, 2009

Essence of Beauty Brushes and Too Faced Palettes

Brushes from Essence of Beauty (found at your local CVS).  These four brushes (Powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner) also came with a cute black clutch holder!  The bristles are really soft and I can't wait to use them.

I stumbled across and they have Stila, Too Faced and other brands of makeup for low, low, low prices!  I bought a "Too Faced Decade of Glamour" for $16 (originally around $40) and "Too Faced's The Quickie Chronicles in Hopeless Romantic" for $11 (originally almost $30).  

Of course shipping costed a ton ($7.95 or so), but it came super quick.  I ordered it late at night around 12 am on Wednesday (technically Thursday morning) and it came Friday afternoon! The warehouse is pretty close to where I shipped it to (about 40 miles away) so that might've helped.

Too Faced Decade of Glamour.  Look at all the pretty colors!!  It includes a bunch of lip glosses and lip sticks (on the sides).  6 eyeshadows on top left, bronzer (top right and bottom middle), and blush (middle).  Also included eyeliner, mascara and lip injection (lip plumper).

close up of the middle panel.

The Hopeless Romantic Palette.  Panel 1: 4 eyeshadows (top) and 4 lip glosses (bottom).  The packaging on the lip glosses got messed up somehow.  sadness... maybe the glosses were sitting next to it too long.  Oh well..

Panel 2: Blush, bronzer, highlighter.


  1. What a fab brush collection -- and I love your haul from Beauty Crunch!! Don't they have just the best deals on Too Faced and Stila goodies there. I've been staying away from the site to avoid the temptation!!! LOL!!

  2. Beauty of Essence are a good quality being drugstore. Another good brand is Ecotools. I have a few of those too. Really soft. Have a great week!


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