Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life and Face

I've been away from this blog for a while because of school and life. I'm trying to enjoy my last quarter in college and make sure I enjoy California before I move to the cold in the east for grad school.

Okay, so I've been using some of the ELF stuff I mentioned in the last haul I got. The 'powder brush' is reaaaaaalllly soft. I think I can safely say it's one of the softest brushes I have. (I only own Essence of Beauty, ELF, and Sonia Kashuk ones FYI).

In the last entry I complained that ELF sent me the wrong eyelash curler. I sent them a message and they responded pretty promptly saying that they would send the correct one right away (and didn't mention anything about returning the wrong item even though I asked them about it, so I guess I get to keep that one. It makes sense anyway since it'll probably cost more to ship it back to them.). I received the mini eyelash curler about a couple days after the message (less than a week!). Many beauty bloggers have been saying how ELF's customer service has greatly improved and I totally agree.

p.s. i found this somewhere.. it's cute.


  1. Hi Jenn!
    No problem! I'm very curious about other people too, hehe...

    No, I didn't go to an international school, just to a normal Austrian school. So, I grew up with Mandarin / German. I can only understand a bit of Taiwanese, since my parents never speak in Taiwanese.

    Since my parents used to watch a lot of Cantonese movies as we were children, we also learnt to understand Cantonese. ;)

    English was my first foreign language at the secondary school. Later, I had Latin and French lessons too.

    I hope, I don't make too many grammatical mistakes, hehe...


  2. Aww...don't you hate when that happens? I swear I have the most finicky skin too babe. Just stick to stuff that your skin knows for now so that you don't risk more irritation. Such a bummer!

    I hope that everything else is going great with you and yes...enjoy the weather while you can!

  3. omg that is adorable!!! haha I can't believe people actually called her lol <3


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